Kunyanja Educational Trust

Kunyanja Educational Trust was established in 2011 to oversee the work of the school and the community projects associated with the school. Masambrio works in close collaboration with the trust. The founding trustees were:

Mr Sydney Simumba (Director)
Mr Feston Singoyi
Mr M Z Kondowe
Chief T A Mkumbira (Chair of the Trust)
Reverend J Mwase
Mrs Elizabeth Ottaway
Mrs J Patel

Day to day Masambiro works in close collaboration with the founders of Kunyanja Secondary School, Sydney Simumba and Feston Singoyi.  Supported by Masambiro, Sydney graduated with a degree in Education from Catholic University of Malawi in 2012 and also supported by Masambiro Feston graduated with a degree from Blantyre University in 2016.  

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