Income Generation Projects

Masambiro has supported Kunyanja Educational Trust through funding a number of income generating projects with a view to increasing the sustainability of the school and other projects associated with the trust.


At the site of the school there is now a piggery which breeds pigs that are sold with the digprofits being donated back to Kunyanja Educational Trust. In August 2015 there were 26 pigs that had been bred at the school’s piggery with profits from the sale of a number of these pigs being put back into the piggery to ensure it can continue to grow as a project


In 2012 Masambiro supported Kunyanja to build a hall on the site of the school. The hall is used by the school for school exams, assemblies and other events but is also rented out as venue for events in the local community.

Tuck shop and community garden

Masambiro has supported the creation of a tuck shop and community garden in which produce is grown and sold to the local community. Both these projects help to raise funds for the school.

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